Orange Tree Technologies today announced the ZestSC3, an easy to use FPGA module with a Xilinx Artix-7 user-programmable FPGA and a very high performance SuperSpeed USB3.0 interface.

The new module provides a simple, easy to use way to transfer large amounts of data quickly between a computer and the outside world, without having to integrate complex hardware and software.  The ZestSC3’s USB 3.0 interface can sustain 360MBytes/sec of data transfer in either direction, enabling new, bandwidth hungry applications such as high speed video.

With its compact form factor (40mm x 50mm), high level of integration and low external component requirements, the module is ideally suited to integration in embedded systems and OEM equipment. 105 user I/O pins provide maximum flexibility for end applications.

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Oxfordshire, UK— 8th March 2012 — Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and embedded systems experts Orange Tree Technologies has gone from strength to strength, growing its product portfolio and its profits by a healthy 200% in a 5 year period despite the global slowdown.  Not bad when you consider the prevailing economy of recession in Europe.

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Oxfordshire, UK— 8th July, 2009 — Orange Tree Technologies today announced availability of the latest generation of its Zest Series programmable interconnect modules. In a compact 75mm x 50mm form factor the ZestET1 provides a dedicated hardware TCP/IP Offload engine (TOE) and a companion FPGA for universal Ethernet interfacing. Delivering over 200MBytes/s sustained data rates and 6μsec latency, the ZestET1 provides Gigabit Ethernet performance for real-time applications without having to integrate complex networking hardware and software.

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