Board Products

Orange Tree's board products focus on connecting devices to embedded and desktop computers via high speed serial interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet and SuperSpeed USB. Created by engineers for engineers the boards work out of the box and allow the designer to focus on the application, rather than struggling with bringing up the hardware or working through low level network protocols. Each board is supplied with comprehensive software to enable communications with the host operating system and comes with or without an on-board FPGA.

The selection table below summarises the main features of each product.

Product Serial Interface Serial Interface Jack User FPGA and memory User CPU I/O Pins Ethernet Real-time Extensions
ZestET2-J Gigabit Ethernet 105
ZestET2-NJ Gigabit Ethernet 105
ZestETM1 Gigabit Ethernet 41
ZestET1 Gigabit Ethernet 80
ZestSC3 SuperSpeed USB 105 N/A
ZestSC2 Hi-Speed USB 200 N/A
ZestSC1 Hi-Speed USB 49 N/A

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